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PACS Accessories

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Our products are used by thousands of organizations

around the world, and benefit from our global

network of distributors and VARs who

provide round-the-clock service.

The iMAGE Portal Solution Suite


Everything you need to securely and easily share medical images

with patients and healthcare providers

  • iMAGE Portal    

  • AccessBox

  • Media Burner


iMAGE Portal - Securely Store & Share Medical Images, Videos, & Reports
                                     from Any Browser

iMAGE Portal is a web-based software solution that enables fast, easy, and

secure storage and sharing of medical files such as images, videos, and

reports between medical professionals and organizations.


iMAGE Portal uses advanced encryption technologies, such as SSL and AES,

enabling medical professionals to easily and securely access files from any

browser and device.

Everything You Need in One Solution Suite 

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Two Available DICOM Viewers

Lite Viewer (free)

A free viewer designed for patients and general practitioners for

viewing images and basic actions such as measuring and changing contrast.


Diagnostic Viewer

FDA and CE-certified, HTML5 zero-footprint, vendor-neutral viewer

with a set of advanced tools that enable radiologists to view and

analyze images.

Media Burner  -  Fast & Automated

Automate Recording of Patient Files to Optical and USB Drivers

Part of the iMAGE Portal Solution Suite, Perennity’s Media Burner allows you to create offline backups of patient files on optical and USB drives.

Integrate Perennity’s Media Burner with any DICOM viewer, and automate recording data on optical and USB drives, including fully automated label printing. Manage everything from one user-friendly web interface, securely accessible from any browser. Media Burner supports Rimage, Epson, and Primera autoloaders.


100% DICOM Compliant

Media Burner works with any

DICOM-compliant modalities

and PACS. Images are sent to

Perennity’s DICOM server using

the network.


A robot autoloader enables

automated disc production,

and works alongside a feature

that enables custom label

printing per patient/study.


Media Burner works with

any DICOM viewer, allowing

you to review images from

any browser in the web-

based iMAGE Portal platform.


Media Burner can automatically

apply different settings based

on defined criteria – for example,

using a different viewer for a

specific modality.

AccessBox  -   Transfer, Share, and Secure Your

                                 DICOM Studies Across All Locations

AccessBox is a compact hardware box that operates as an “all-in-one” solution

for transferring, sharing, and securing DICOM images.


Simply plug it into your network and turn it on – no VPNs or dedicated lines

required, just a standard internet connection and you’re ready to go.

Compact Hardware AccessBox

Perennity’s AccessBox is a silent, low-power-consumption hardware solution for transferring, sharing, and securing DICOM images.


AccessBox is available with two configurations:

Compact-II Basic

The ideal hardware platform to support iMAGE Portal BASIC. Built upon Intel NUC with high level components: Intel Core i5 processor, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD (system drive), 2TB HDD (storage drive), Windows 10 Pro operating system.

Compact-II Pro

The perfect hardware match for iMAGE Portal PRO. Built upon Intel NUC with high level components: Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD (system drive), 4TB HDD (storage drive), Windows 10 Pro operating system.


All-in-One Hardware Solution

Double storage             Intel i5, i7             Windows 10 Pro            Super silent            Low power              5-year

                                                                                                                                                             Consumption        Guarantee


Full Suite of Solutions 

iMAGE Portal is a comprehensive solution that can be used on its own or with two available add-ons for even more features and capabilities.

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