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SiOCAST is a company born in 2017 as a spin-off of CONIEX Group.  Coniex, S.A is a company with HQ based in Barcelona with more than 3 decades in the spin casting and silicone industries as well as in the surface finishing industry of mechanical post-processing.


For the last 35 years, CONIEX has been an industrial company with two key activities:

  • Silicone rubber compounding and manufacturing for high-temperature applications, mostly for the spin casting industry. Also supplying casting equipment and foundry accessories.

  • Surface treatment of metal parts, delivering turn-key installations for mechanical post-processing equipment such as vibratory machines and shot blasting or sandblasting.


injection molding in silicon molds


This is the very first time that injecting thermoplastic resin material in flexible silicon molds has been a success.

This process is fast, safe, and effortless.

It will be as familiar as metal or resin casting but easier.

This unique process is the result of our most innovative ideas. We have achieved to fit in very compact equipment with all the technology that enables this patented process to operate.


  • High level of control 

  • 5000+ Mold recipe storage

  • Color touchscreen

  • Start-up timer

  • CE and UL safety standards

  • 4.0 ready


  • Melting and storage tank for thermoplastic resin

  • Injection system and pressure control

  • Vacuum system

  • Mold closing and fixing press

  • Pneumatic and electric control unit

  • Internet router


  • Injection capacity: up to 80 gr./cycle

  • Productivity: up to 40 cycles/h

  • Molds size: 270x210mm

  • Molds working area: 240x180mm

  • Recipe programming and mold identification

sioform1 specs image.jpg


vulcanizing machine for silicon molds

The SIOpress is the perfect partner for your SIOform1.

It will allow to make your own silicone rubber mold.

Vulcanization unit:

  • Machine built in a robust electro-welded steel structure

  • Hydraulic unit with a manual pump, double-acting

  • Heated plates with easily visible electrical resistances

siopress grey.jpg

Control panel synoptic at 24 V C. centralized with:





Thermostat for vulcanization temperature regulation   

Thermometer for vulcanization temperature control

Manometer for vulcanization pressure control

Timer for programming vulcanization time

siopress info.jpg

The Ideal Materials

SiOres Thermoplastic Resin

Our formulation and own manufactured thermoplastic resin is ideal for

manufacturing miniatures or small pieces.

This resin is rigid but flexible at the same time.

Light but resistant.

It does not break if it falls to the ground.

Its genuine properties allow it to create high complexity models with a high level

of detail.

The painting sticks perfectly, and it does not crack even in the flex areas.


SiOres HARD is our new material specially developed for tabletop games, and wargames miniatures.

Following the success of our previous material, we wanted to go further and develop a product following the main needed of the market. 

Now is real and we already started to deliver the SiOres HARD to our customers. With SiOres HARD clean your miniatures like never before.

Main Features:

  • Harder and easier to clean. Cleaning is easier than ever, clean like HIPS with the same micro diamonds tools files and burr removal tools

  • No more fluffiness

  • Better surface quality

  • Extremely durable and rigid

Essen 2021 Elf.jpg

Masterbatch Pigment

Color your pieces

colored pieces copy.jpg

With our SiOres Master Batch pigments, you can have a wide variety of colors for your thermoplastic resin products.  

Mixing our pure base colors, you will get any combination. 

They are dosed in the main material at a small percentage giving the whole batch a uniform and color.

flex 1.jpg

No primer needed.


Painting doesn't crack.


New mold configuration strategy

The silicone of the SiOmold is composed of an elastomer of

high quality and duration.

Due to its excellent properties of thermal and mechanical resistance, it adapts to all the requirements of the new injection process.


SiOmold silicone ensures very long mould life to guarantee low production costs. With the SiOmold silicone molds, a very high level of detail at copying the originals is achieved as well as a comfortable work in the manufacture and a safe and uniform vulcanization.

mold 2.jpg

Format                          Rectangular A5plus-270x210mm


Hardness                      65-70-80 Shore A


Thickness                    10 | 12 | 14 mm plate



Temp.                           120 ºC


Expiration date          Check technical data sheet


Presentation Box of 5-8 sets, depending on thickness

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