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Volpara Health Technologies Limited is a leading provider of breast imaging analytics and analysis products that improve clinical decision-making and the early detection of breast cancer. Every day, Volpara software helps clinicians better understand their patients and administrators better understand their practices.

  • Volpara Enterprise

  • Volpara DDP

  • Volpara Density

  • Volpara Live


Volpara Enterprise a software enables breast imaging providers to perform rapid quality control checks to optimize the productivity and efficiency of imaging resources, help reduce costs through the reduction of retakes, increase staff effectiveness, and provide objective evidence to demonstrate compliance and quality of care.


VolparaEnterprise software is your window into your department’s operations.

Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Department


Understand Your Patients Better

VolparaEnterprise software keeps you in touch with your patients. VolparaEnterprise software is rooted in Volpara’s core understanding of breast anatomy and imaging technologies.


Ensure Your Staff is Operating at Peak Performance

VolparaEnterprise software lets you monitor the workflow efficiency and work quality of your staff.


Volpara DDP Software is a clinical applications provide quick, automated assessment of every exam, producing a Volpara Scorecard that includes VolparaDensity, VolparaDose, and VolparaPressure.

  • VolparaDensity—for quickly triaging women to supplemental screening that build new revenue streams.

  • VolparaDose—for better understanding the personalized x-ray dose to the patient, based on her own breast density.

  • VolparaPressure—for a clearer understanding of the patient experience and the effectiveness of each mammogram.


Volpara DDP software bundles together three key clinical applications that can keep your attention focused on the patient.


All Volpara  DDP clinical applications stem from the breast density and other metrics that are measured from a woman’s mammogram. The clinical applications use repeatable and objective measures to avoid reliance on inter- and intra-reader variability, or poor assumptions in the case of VolparaDose.

Best of all, VBD% has shown to strongly and linearly correlate to the sensitivity of mammography, making you aware of the performance of mammography as a test in each patient.


VolparaDensity provides fast, objective assessment of a woman’s breast density from a mammogram from most x-ray vendors. It produces a patient scorecard within two minutes of the last x-ray, enabling a discussion with the woman about her breast density while she is still in the center and, if necessary, additional imaging.

The VolparaDensity algorithm is based on the volumes of tissue in the breast. Unlike when the radiologist looks at the images and estimates the area of density, Volpara looks deep inside the breast to appreciate the absorption of X-rays in the breast caused by fibroglandular tissue. As a result, Volpara is looking at the true tissue, not the shadow of the tissue.

The imaging scientists at Volpara Solutions developed VolparaDensity to help breast imaging centers:

  • Provide clinicians with confirmation that dense breasts truly are dense and that the sensitivity of mammography may be limited

  • Be more consistent in recommending which women could benefit from supplemental screening such as ultrasound

  • Have an objective assessment justifying for insurers the additional cost of ultrasound imaging for women with dense breasts

  • Make radiologists aware of cases with extreme breast density in which the risk of developing cancer is higher

  • Reduce the need to reschedule the patient for supplemental screening by routing women immediately to ultrasound based on their VolparaDensity score


Experience the Benefits of VolparaDensity


For women with dense breasts to develop breast cancer when compared to women with fatty breasts


Consistent across manufacturers, models, and imaging modes. Compatible with most digital mammography and tomosynthesis units


Immediate identification of women who may benefit from supplemental screening


The only volumetric breast density (VBD%) assessment validated with the Tyrer-Cuzick 8 risk model.


Real-time Decision Support at the Point of Care

Volpara®Live!™ System

The VolparaLive! system automatically analyzes patient positioning and compression and provides real-time feedback to Technologists. It is mammography’s first real-time decision support system available at the point of care.

  • Improved mammographic quality

  • Reduced technical recalls

  • Improved Technologist experience

  • Enhanced patient experience


Improved Technologist Experience

Lead Technologists view the VolparaLive! system as a virtual coach, there to help their team members deliver consistent performance and the highest-quality studies possible.

Not every study will or should be perfect because sometimes patient circumstances simply don’t allow it. The VolparaLive! system provides ongoing reminders and coaches the Technologist to refine her technique. For the Technologist, the VolparaLive! system is a breeze—it keeps an eye on each positioning and compression metric for every image.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Every facility wants to improve the woman’s experience. By using the VolparaLive! system to help Technologists make an informed decision about retakes before the patient leaves the room, your facility may reduce how often you tell a patient, “Please come back for another image.” It will help your team improve quality and provide the positive patient experience that is central to every facility’s mission, leading to improved clinical outcomes and higher patient retention.

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