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From CT and PET scans to MRIs, EKGs to lab reports, on-going patient electronic records to collaborative care, healthcare providers must manage mountains of data and canyons of capacity.


In an era where all records are migrating to the digital realm, the stakes for storage, transmission and retrieval in the healthcare arenas continue to grow exponentially higher.

Understanding the needs of the healthcare sector, Eye-2-Eye offers a variety of medical imaging solutions that help hospitals and clinics move to digital imaging and film-less work-flows.

3D Printing Solutions


Medical providers and researchers use 3D printing technology to drive forward into progressive surgical treatments that deliver less invasive procedures and shorter recovery times for patients.


Medical Modelling's Virtual Surgical Planning service and surgical planning models deliver more accurate surgical treatment options for surgeons.


Custom-fit bone orthopedic implants, surgical guides and accurate anatomical models are just a few ways where 3D printing has helped to improve patient outcomes. 


There is obviously growing use of 3D printing in medical industry. Indeed, it can be used to create tools, prothesis, dental implants, and so on.

Now it is possible for professionals of the dental sector to do some oral scanning and CAD design by themselves. Then, they can 3D print with their own desktop 3D printer or with an online 3D printing service. Dental businesses are progressing, and new technologies such as 3D printers and 3D scanners dedicated to dental work are developed. 

Dental laboratories are more and more using it to develop new working methods, and to create many devices like 3D printed braces for a faster teeth alignment, orthodontic appliance or 3D printed implants and dental crowns.

Storage Solutions


Nexsan's enterprise-class, easy-to-use and efficient storage solutions are ideal for healthcare providers in that they offer a combination of high capacity, space and energy savings, and proven reliability second to none.


Our SATABeast® high-capacity RAID disk storage system embodies all of these traits, giving healthcare providers the industry's best price/performance value in a scalable disk solution that can accommodate all of their storage needs.

Archiving Solutions


When it comes to compliance and secured online archiving, Eye-2-Eye offers two types of hardware and software solutions which meet all the needs for data archiving.


Nexsan’s Assureon® and Fast LTA system offer secure solutions designed to protect irreplaceable data while Perennity Archive Edition and Rimage Production Systems provide optical archive capabilities with back-end database tracking.

Medical Images Distribution Solutions


Eye2Eye offers comprehensive solutions for the medical industry to output examination data from any DICOM compliant modality or PACS to CD, DVD and Blu-ray.


It helps to meet the high demand for medical image distribution across all locations and provide superior care to their customers. It substantially reduces production costs compared to traditional film.

PACS Accessories Solutions

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To ensure that digital hospitals get all the advantages and benefits that come with PACS technology, Eye-2-Eye offers various product ranges from DICOM input, DICOM storage & transmission to DICOM output which can be equipped in any PACS environment.

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