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Aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment and product designers and engineers use 3D printers for rapid production of end-use parts and saving significant time and cost using 3D prints.

MANUFACTURING - Automating the Future

Whether it's building an airplane, assembling a lawnmower or creating a semiconductor chip, the manufacturing and high technology industries have to store and access endless amounts of data to track parts, monitor supply chains and meet requirements on the factory floor.

Understanding the needs of the manufacturing and high technology industry, Eye-2-Eye offers comprehensive solutions to help manufacturers and high-tech companies achieve efficient and cost-effective alternatives for recalling and retaining data securely into the future.

3D Printing Solutions


3D Scanners


From the design stage to the inspection stage, 3D scanning and measurement is an integral element of manufacturing.

Storage Solutions


Nexsan's SASBeast® provides manufacturers and high tech companies with the ultimate storage solution in affordable enterprise-class performance, enabling them to attain very high tier-1 performance at a price associated with mid-market solutions. And when it comes to long-term bulk storage, Nexsan's SATABeast® delivers the industry's best price/performance value in a scalable disk solution, making it ideal for long-term bulk and disk-to-disk backup applications, where ultra-high capacity and reliability are paramount.

Archiving Solutions


In cases where an organization’s electronic data is valuable and needs to remain available over time, Eye-2-Eye offers two types of hardware and software solutions which meet all the needs for data archiving:

  • Nexsan’s Assureon® and Fast LTA system provides online archive capabilities

  • Perennity Archive Edition and Rimage Production Systems provide optical archive capabilities

Information Distribution Solutions


Eye2Eye offers unmatched technology that allows companies to distribute information through various ways, including:

  • CD/DVD/Blu-ray

  • HDD

  • Flash drives

Laser Welding Machines


Inspirations of our customers and several years of development led to a complete redevelopment of this laser welding system. The result is a mobile laser welding system that sets new standards for open laser workstations.

Injection Molding

Silicone-Manufacturing-web copy.jpg
SiOCAST USB - Overmolding 04.jpg
voltera wearable.jpg

This is the very first time that injecting thermoplastic resin material in flexible silicone molds has been a success. This process is fast, safe, and effortless. It will be as familiar as metal or resin casting but easier.

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