Laser Cladding & Welding

Eco Laser & Evo Mobile


Direct Metal Deposition technology is an advanced additive metal process with far-reaching applications. DMD’s wide capability makes it a great tool for engineers in a variety of industries, ranging from oilfield to aerospace, from automotive to chemical, and from heavy equipment industries to defense.

  • Compact size                                                        

  • Simple operation via touchscreen

  • Auto weld

  • Intern video function

  • High pulse peak power

Alpha Laser



Laser welders are primarily used for bonding materials that require high welding speeds, small weld seams, very slim seam geometries, and low thermal distortion. Laser welding is very common in industrial production, due to its almost unparalleled versatility in a range of applications, allowing materials to be joined which would otherwise be challenging or impossible to weld.

laser cutting.jpg