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We've been the company behind some very large projects and healthcare software products. Over 1500 radiation treatment planning centers use our software and over 5000 imaging centers and hospitals have used our services when migrating their PACS or undergoing accreditation. Our Digital Jacket DICOM viewer has over 1500 site installs and our new Data Continuity Engine platform is performing migrations of over 5,000,000 studies per site. 

DesAcc is short for 'Designed Access'. We've been a Data Science driven company for over 20 years now, deciphering file formats, API's, how medical devices communicate and how data is stored. That knowledge has allowed us to build products and services utilized in thousands of healthcare facilities.


DesAcc is about                                  Because your data is critical.

Having the data is not the same as controlling the data. Get your data off of vendor locked archives, proprietary file formats, end-of-lifecycle equipment and out-of-contract support.

Designing Software and Providing Services for Accessing Health Data Since 1993.


We Migrate

Magneto-Optical Disks

Whether you have 1 or 10,000 disks, including R/W and WORM, even 12"


If it is on a tape, we can read it, directly from your tape library

EMC Centera

We can natively extract and transcode data at over 4TB/day

Plasmon Jukeboxes

Extricating you from your out-of-warranty MOD jukeboxes

NAS Migrations

File-by-file CIFS and NFS migration with auditing and verification

HSM Migrations

Direct EMC DiskXtender and Plasmon Archive Appliance support


Getting your data from proprietary silos into Vendor Neutral Archives

OEM Solutions

Custom software for vendors including Agilent, HP and Varian

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