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   Jewelry Industry


The focus of jewelry is on the design. For this reason, many professionals in the industry have embraced 3D Printing technologies to reduce the time and labor required in manufacturing.


The high definition printers provide an affordable, reliable and easy to use means of producing finely detailed jewelry patterns and models that give back hours to designers to create and grow their business. 

We provide 3 brands - Admatech, Formlabs and Asiga.

Admatec - Admaflex Ceramic Printer


Ceramics are regarded as a superior material, although hard to shape.

Ceramic 3D printing allows shaping complex jewelry structures and catalyzes the design of improved components that would not be possible through traditional techniques such as CIM.


Products can be directly designed targeting final applications while adding form freedom, light weight and less material usage.


This has great potential to change the industry of the future, where application rules over design.


FORMLABS FORM 3  - The Next Generation Jewelry 3D Printer


Create castable parts in hours, cutting down on manual labour.


The Form 3’s rapid print process, accuracy, and surface finish allow you to move directly from design to production.


Our verified burnout schedule ensures clean burnout and smooth surfaces on every piece.

A Complete 3D Printing Solution for Jewelry

Asiga MAX Series


Asiga's MAX Series offers delicate precision required for the production of beautiful jewelry patterns.


The larger print volume allows jewelers, artists and casting houses to produce sculptures, bangles, and large quantities of casting patterns in a single print.

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