Perennity, an international software company with offices in the United States, Asia and Europe, develops electronic archiving and data distribution software for various markets such as broadcasting, multimedia, pre-press and medical imaging.


Perennity offers a range of applications that tightly interface with Rimage, Epson and Primera solutions to automate the output and upload of CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. Perennity can also be used for legal and long term archiving.

  • Perennity delivers different solutions that are optimized for specific needs:

  • Perennity DICOM – Moving from Film to CD, DVD and Blu-ray

  • Perennity Access Box – Transfer, Share and Protect your Medical Images

  • Perennity Archive – Automated off-line archiving and backup to CD, DVD and Blu-ray

  • Perennity iMAGE Portal - Transfer, Review & Publish your medical images



Patient CD/DVD/BD/USB Output 
& DICOM Image Archiving

A powerful solution to automate Patient DISC & USB recording and printing. Integrates with any DICOM viewer.

Perennity DICOM is the perfect solution to automate the production of Patient DISCS in your hospital, Our software works with any RimageEpson and Primera robots, Send the studies from your Diagnostic Workstation or Query/Retrieve them from your PACS.

Perennity DICOM can be used as an archiving solution for your images. Off-line backup to DVD or Bluray can also be performed. Our intuitive Web interface will help you to manage all the tasks from any computer in your network.


Patient CD/DVD/BD/USB Output 
& DICOM Image Archiving

AccessBox-Funktionsschema-Dez-2015 (1).j

The Perennity AccessBox is a unique combination of a Router/Transfer for medical images and a genuine DICOM Server acting as a mini-PACS.


The AccessBox is provided in four different versions:

  • The Standalone, an Out-of-the-box appliance with 1TB integrated storage capacity. Adviced for up to 5 DICOM nodes i.e. modalities/workstations.

  • The Embedded, hosted on a Synology NAS system offering RAID protection, being very expandable (up to 100TB) and recommended for up to 20 DICOM nodes.

  • The Enterprise edition, hosted on a MS Windows Server 2012/2016. The storage capacity and number of DICOM nodes are almost unlimited.

  • The Client edition is a software plug-in available for Windows and MAC. It can send/receive images to/from any AccessBox (adviced for notebooks).



More than just a DICOM web viewer

Perennity iMAGE Portal is a web based solution to share medical images, videos and reports.
Make them instantly available anytime, anywhere to patients, physicians, radiologists or any other authorized user using any web browser, tablet, or smartphone.

  • No VPN required

  • Out of the Box

  • Cloud Free

  • Embedded DICOM Viewer