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With our roots firmly planted in Canada, we are proud to say that all our products are assembled and shipped from our headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario.

Founded in 2013, Voltera is a scaling technology company that has been driving change in the additive electronics industry. We make benchtop electronics printers that enable rapid iteration and spark innovation around the globe.

Our first product, the V-One, is a multi-functional PCB printer that enables fast iteration. Product developers and educators in over 80 countries are benefiting from the V-One's versatility and rapid prototyping capabilities.

Our second product, NOVA, is the world's first direct-write printer for flexible hybrid electronics. The best and brightest minds are using NOVA to push the boundaries of innovation, creating electronics that are stretchable, bendable, conformable, and biocompatible. The potential of this technology is only limited by imagination.

Your Prints are our Priority.

From rigid to flex, we've got you covered.

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Print anything.  On everything.

voltera NOVA.jpg

.Meet NOVA

We think working in flex is pretty cool!

So much so that we listened to our customers

in the field and custom built NOVA just for them.


With semi-automated ink calibration and modular

capabilities, NOVA will help you print anything on






Pressure based dispensing

Precision printing with realtime closed-loop pressure feedback. No tooling or screens required!

time 4.jpg
Flexible or rigid mounting

Print on nearly any substrate with an 8”x11” titanium vacuum table and threaded mounting grid.

time 2.jpg
Integrated camera system

Align, print, and inspect with confidence using machine vision and AR overlay print preview.

time 5.jpg
Soft & stretchable electronics

Explore the possibilities in soft, stretchable, and conformable electronics. 

time 3.jpg
Materials freedom

Print anything. On everything. Simply fill an EFD cartridge and attach any luer-lock nozzle.

time 6.jpg
Modular platform

Built to expand, with two module ports, quick-change module swapping,  and drop-in fixturing.

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Desktop - PCB Printer

Build hardware faster.

V - ONE Green.jpg

One machine.  All the tools.


Measure height & alignment

The V-One probe attachment sets you up for success by mapping the surface of your board and lining up your features during your workflow.

The aligned printing function allows the V-One to align and print a design on a substrate with pre-existing feaures. With aligned printing, your design options extend beyond just a single layer or a bare board.


Dispense ink & solder paste

The V-One uses direct-ink write technology, meaning that you can precisely dispense conductive ink and solder paste exactly where you need it, and nowhere else. Magnetic, swappable heads make it simple to switch between ink and solder paste. 


Drill through holes & vias

Drill through-holes for vias in your double-sided boards, quickly and precisely, with the V-One drill attachment.


This modular component magnetically clicks into place, runs a custom 13,000 RPM, surprisingly quiet motor, and maintains a 0.076mm runout even at high speeds. Let's get spinning!


Curing & reflow

The V-One is equipped with a built-in 550W heated bed to reflow solder for an entire board of SMD components. With the click of a button, you can cure ink and reflow components using pre-defined heating profiles for Voltera materials, or you can create your own curing profiles. The heated bed can reach temperatures up to 240°C!

The V-One's Key Features

Design. Print. Test. Repeat.
The V-One will have you prototyping faster than ever before.

Desktop PCB Prototyping

Iterate on your design quickly, avoid costly outsourcing, and keep your intellectual property in-house with the V-One.

Built-in reflow

Say goodbye to the soldering iron. The V-One has a built-in 550W heated bed to reflow solder for an entire board of SMD compoments.

Drill double sided boards

Drill througholes for vias in your double-sided boards, quickly and precisely, with the V-One drill attachment and bit set.

Intuitive Software

Designed to be so easy to use, a student could use it. In fact, many do. The software is available for Windows and macOS operating systems.

Solder paste dispensing

Dispense conductive ink and solder paste exactly where you need it, and nowhere else. No stencil required.

Live chat

With support built in to the app, our product experts and knowledge center resources are available at the click of a button.

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