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Storage & Archiving



Electronic data permeates and dominates business industries across the globe.  As our world economy continues to be more information based, mass amounts of electronic data continue to accrue at a rapid pace.  Nearly all of a professional organization's data exists in an electronic format, and as the value and volume of data increases, so does the demand for adequate storage space to house it.


Eye2Eye offers unmatched technology that allows businesses and institutions to distribute financial statements, billing information, content, and legal evidence through various ways. 

Eye2Eye offers Nexsan's storage solutions which are ideal for storing the vast amount of fixed or rarely changing content.



Optical and Online Archiving

Organisations safeguard their data to prevent data disaster. The world's need for data archiving is ever-growing, placing more demand on organisations to ensure reliable archiving technology. ​

Eye2Eye offers two types of software and hardware solutions which meet all the needs for data archiving.

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