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Eye2Eye offers a solution for those who are looking for a robust data archiving platform. Our Perennity Archive Edition has a direct output to the Rimage Publishing Systems. With these devices, the off-line archival and retrieval process can be easily automated. Optical discs will be written whenever certain criteria are met, such as the size of a folder, the presence of a specific file (trigger) or a latency time. One or more copies can then be produced and they will be printed with a unique (customizable) label using either thermal or inkjet technology.

Files that have been written out to optical discs can then be deleted from the file server, freeing up space; they can also be left intact (but will not be eligible for migration again) or they can be moved to NAS, hard-disk, CD/DVD/Blu-ray library... All archiving operations can be logged into a database. A user friendly graphical interface will help you manage and monitor the backup, archive & restore operations.


Optical Archiving - Automated off-line archiving and backup to CD, DVD and Blu-ray

The growth of data on a massive scale and the pressing requirement for additional storage has increased the need for optical archiving. Optical archives can meet storage requirements by transferring data from online to offline storage capacities, thereby making way for new data.


They also reduce storage management costs by logistical and affordable data management systems. Further benefits of optical data storage include reduction in storage costs, decreased risk of data loss, durability, compatibility and long-term data retention. 

Eye2Eye offers a solution to those who are looking for a robust data archiving platform using Perennity Archive Edition Software and Rimage Production System.

Automatic migration can be triggered from an unlimited number of data volumes to on-line or off-line storage. A back-end database keep track of where all files are stored.

   Features & Benefits:

  • Archive & backup solution to CD, DVD & Blu-ray

  • Automated & triggered operations

  • Unlimited number of data sources

  • File & Directory spanning over CD/DVD/Blu-ray

  • Database logging

  • Full-text indexing of file content

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