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Metal 3D Printing              Powder Deposit Welding       

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Metal 3D Printing


The new 3D printer AL3D-METAL 200 prints are very precise and allows enormous freedom of design and geometry.  It is particularly safe, clean and has economical powder handling.


Specially developed for the precision mechanics, medical technology, dental and jewellery industries as well as research and development laboratories, our 3D printer offers optimum detail accuracy, precision and maximum safety in handling the laser and the metal powder.



alpha 3dprinting metal.jpg

The closed powder circuit ensures more safety at work because the operator doesn’t come into contact with the powder during the entire printing process.

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Powder Deposit Welding

ALFlak 200/300


The ALFlak is an extremely

robust laser welding device

with a high laser power and

large reach.


The well thought out movement mechanism and the projecting laser arm allow you to comfortably work on large components – manually or programmed. The slim laser arm can even reach into deep and unwieldy molds. Uninterrupted welding seams of up to 340 mm in length can be achieved.

alflak 200.jpg

ALFlak 300/450/600/900 Fiber Laser System


The fiber source model is recommended if your application requires a validated process, e.g., if you wish to weld using the CW (continuous wave) method or pulsed, take advantage of deep welding in sheet metal fabrication, or simply if you require maximum average power. 


The AL-ROCK Is the First Mobile Robot for Targeted Hardening of Metal Surfaces.

The component to be hardened no longer needs to be dismantled, as the laser can be brought right to the workpiece. The far-reaching robot arm can easily access hard-to-reach places. All that is needed is the laser beam’s free access to the workpiece surface to be hardened.



The AL-TW is a stable work bench with integrated fiber laser. It is available with 300, 450, 600, or 900 watt laser sources.

It allows you to weld pulsed or in CW mode (CW = continuous melt). 

The lasers and movement system are easily operated from an intuitive touch screen on the side console.


Hand Welding Laser

AL0 100/120

alo 100 120.jpg

The ALO is our new addition in the field of manual welding lasers.

If you want to weld long or bulky parts quickly, manually and flexibly, if you are looking for a simple load and want to work in the shielded laser safety area, the ALO is the ideal device for you.

VL 50 -  Laser System for Dental

The VL 50 is a compact table laser system for the repair and manufacture of dentures. 
It is also ideal for welding fine mechanical parts and medical technology or sensor components.


The laser system offers reliable beam behavior with a steady, powerful, yet soft welding behavior. An optional micro welding function permits the finest compounds. Welding is controlled visually via the stereomicroscope.

vl 50.jpg

All weldable metals including silver and titanium can be safely and efficiently jointed. The high average power of 60 watts enables a fast pulse sequence (up to 25 Hz). This guarantees homogeneous fusing of the materials.

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