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DICOM Web Viewer


iMAGE Portal is a web viewer application which provides an instant access to medical images for clinicians and patients locally or even outside the medical infrastructure. All transfers are securely encrypted (using HTTPS). The iMAGE portal is accessible from any web browser, including any Windows, MAC or Linux PC, tablets running iOS, Android or Windows and most smartphones.

DICOM Web Viewer is an open source zero footprint medical image viewer. It uses only javascript and HTML5 technologies, meaning that it can be run on any platform that provides a modern browser like laptop, tablet, phone and even modern TV.

It can load local or remote data in DICOM format and provides standard tools for its manipulation.

The iMAGE Portal is the best way to manage your DICOM images with simplicity.

Have a secure access from inside and outside your LAN, manage the data with a specific role in function of your work (physician, radiologist, patient,..) or simply give an access to a specific study to the referring doctor of a patient using an access code.


iMAGE Portal supports any computer and mobile web browsers.


There’s no client-side installation (zero footprint). Authorities can manage access rights easily.


This solution can be hosted anywhere (local facility or service provider). A complete set of tools (zooming, windowing, panning, rotating, reference lines, and measurement tools) is included.


Professionals can work on a single study or also compare different studies even from different patients. Images and videos can be displayed and downloaded as DICOM/JPEG/MP4.

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