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3D depth measurements

Consistent, clear images

Accurate, reliable data across users

Infection control

PACS Accessories

  • Breast Screening


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How Silhouette Works

Silhouette accurately monitors treatment plans, proving their effectiveness over time



Silhouette Operates Across the Continuum of Care

Better Information

Automatic Boundary Detection


Provides tracing and measurement consistency across sites and clinicians


Reduces assessment times


Editable points on the boundary tracing enable clinicians to manually adjust the boundary if necessary

Improves Patient Satisfaction


All of the Silhouette end user devices are non-contact, ensuring optimal patient comfort and infection control.

Patient Comfort

Better Healing Progress

Engaged patients play an integral part in their own treatments and healing progress.

Reduced Assessment Times

Silhouette speeds up assessment times and reduces unnecessary hospital admissions.

Informed Patients

Silhouette’s objective information helps patients to see and understand what needs to be done and why.