Online DICOM Server

The AccessBox has been designed to apply all best practices to preserve your valuable DICOM studies making sure they will still be availbale for decades, thus preserving your liabilities and interests.


The content of the AccessBox’s built-in storage can automatically be replicated to a local hard drive (e.g. a NAS system, Slient Cube). Concerned about a disaster occurrence? No problem, your data can be replicated to a highly secure external Data Center or any other remote location like your home.


Multiple copies of your DICOM studies can be recorded to CD, DVD, or Blu-ray. No need to spend your valuable time to secure your data. All operations are fully automated and do not require any IT expertise. The AccessBox comes pre-configured, ready to use and serviced by local Perennity Certified Partners.

The AccessBox offers several ways to securely transfer and/or share DICOM studies with remote Diagnostic Centers, Referring Physicians, and even Patients.


DICOM studies can easily and automatically be exchanged between AccessBox units (e.g. several clinics using a central Diagnostic Center). Those studies can also be published using a secure Web Portal accessible to selected doctors and patients.




An email can also be sent to notify users that a new study is available. Tablets and Smart Phones can also be used to review the studies.


Continuing an already existing practice, CDs and DVDs can be produced to transfer and share DICOM studies, using any of the world’s leading automated Disc Publishers.

PACS Accessories

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  Features & Benefits:

  • Out-of-box portable solution

  • Secure transfer of studies between sites

  • Share images and reports

  • Data replication for Disaster Recovery

  • No IT expertise needed

  • Minimal investment

  • Local support

  • Full-featured built-in DICOM repository

  • High capacity expandable storage