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Medical Grade Displays

Mammography Displays

Barco's 5MP  display systems for digital breast imaging offer unrivalled image precision and ultimate diagnostic confidence.

coronis uniti.jpg

Coronis Uniti 12MP


Nio 5MP LED front mammo uxga-gray
Nio Color 5MP dual head 04-2 jpg.jpg
Nio 3MP LED grayscale jpg.jpg

Coronis 5MP LED


PACS Accessories

Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP-3.jpg



Nio Color 5MP (MDNC-6121)

5 MegaPixel display system for

digital breast imaging, including

breast tomosynthesis.

Diagnostic Displays

Barco's full line of color, grayscale and multi-modality diagnostic displays, display controllers and softcopy QA tools facilitate confident diagnoses while guaranteeing perfect image quality over time and across displays.

coronis fusion 6MP front CT color onwhit
Unity front breast case clr onwhite _ fi

Coronis Uniti


Nio 3MP LED grayscale jpg (1).jpg

Coronis 3MP LED


Nio color 2MP led web jpg.jpg
Nio LED front dual MR jpg.jpg
Nio Color 6121 jpg.jpg

Nio Color 2MP LED


Nio Color 3MP


Nio Color 5MP


nio MDNC-12130 front transp01_preview jp

Nio Fusion 12MP (MDNC-12130)


Diagnostic versatility at your fingertips.  

Multimodality display for PACS and

breast imaging.


Pathology Display  (MDPC-8127)

The MDPC-8127 offers pathologists unprecedented visual richness and color confidence to work with.  Read more...

The world’s first and only DICOM-calibrated portable workstation and a superior, portable medical image solution.
Created by a radiologist for imaging specialists.  Winner of the prestigious international iF Design Award.  

med tab.jpg

Clinical Displays

With it's Eonis display, Barco makes the excellent image quality it is renowned for available to healthcare specialists around the hospital. Optimized for image-enable EMR, these displays provide medical professionals with a solid basis for confident viewing of clinical images and patient information. The Eonis line is available in a black and white version, with the latter offering a fully cleanable design for infection control. 


Eonis 22" (MDRC-2222 TS)


Eonis 22" (MDRC-2222 BL)

enois 2.jpg
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