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OKI DICOM Printers are friendly, easy-to-use print solutions that are able to receive images from any DICOM compliant modality with a Print SCU capability. OKI DICOM Printers can handle multiple, simultaneous associations and can log the network exchange for the purpose of analysis.


They also provide Dmin, Dmax and gamma image value adjustment for each individual color. An SMPTE Test Print button has been provided for adjusting image rendering.

These printers allow making inexpensive, non-diagnostic, colour prints directly from the imaging modality workstation for the referring physician and patients. The technologist can print DICOM files directly from the modality without the need to first store and print from PACS.

PACS Accessories

The high-performance ES8431DM combines high-quality digital LED technology with embedded DICOM software, enabling organizations to print directly medical imaging from medical equipment on standard Media.


An ideal alternative to expensive printing on specialist media and devices, the ES8431 DMe provides the flexibility to print in vibrant, HD Grayscale & colour and in sizes up to A3, without conversion software or external print servers.

 ES8431 DM easily creates sharp clear images for clinician’s own non-diagnostic use or to provide an A3 or A4 copies for patients and clients to take away.


ES8431 DM



The Pro9431 DM A3 color and mono DICOM-embedded printer produces high-quality non-diagnostic images on a wide range of media.


OKI’s all- in-one digital led imager, you can now print high quality medical imaging on Blue Film (Grayscale & Color) and on standard Grayscale & Color paper in sizes up to A3+. From X-rays to nuclear medicine scans, to ultrasounds, these images can now be easily printed for your own non-diagnostic use, or for patients to keep.


The Pro9431 DMe presents a cost-effective solution for clinics, dental surgeries, veterinary practices and hospitals.


Also suitable for day-to-day A4/A3 office printing such as letters, forms and medical reports.

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