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Formlabs - Fuse 1 and Fuse Sift

Formlabs is happy to announce that the Fuse 1 selective laser sintering (SLS) printer has begun shipping to customers, with over 60 pre-order and reservation printers already in the field and printing. After concluding several months of rigorous beta testing with a host of innovative companies, our totally re-designed SLS 3D printer is ready to deliver industrial grade nylon parts, right on your workbench. Delivering production ready nylon at a low cost per part, a large build chamber to accommodate various project sizes, and the ability to print 24/7, no other SLS printer offers the quality and ease of use as the Fuse 1. Formlabs has also begun to ship the Fuse Sift, an all-in-one powder recovery station for the Fuse 1. The Fuse Sift was created to flawlessly integrate into your SLS workflow and deliver a seamless, simple post-processing setup. SLS 3D printing has long been the domain of expensive, high-end industrial printers, often times putting them out of reach for most business and product designers. Our goal with the Fuse 1 is to deliver the industrial power of SLS into your workshop with an affordable, compact system for production-ready nylon parts.

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