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Crafting unique chocolate delights: 3D design and SiOCAST rigid molds

With SiOCAST, you can create custom chocolate molds swiftly and efficiently. Say goodbye to the long lead times associated with traditional mold-making processes. Whether it's for a special event or high-volume manufacturing, SiOCAST's speed will have your molds ready when you need them.

SiOCAST has developed the unique and patented process of Plastic Injection Molding in silicone rubber molds.

This technology has several fields of manufacturing applications like the toy industry, over-molding, and investment casting. Thanks to the latest R+D by the SiOCAST team, the tech can now be used to create Chocolate Rigid Molds.

SiOCAST's chocolate mold application is all about efficiency. With fast cycle times and a streamlined workflow, we ensure that your chocolate production process keeps pace with your demands.

Whether you're operating a small artisanal chocolate shop or a large-scale factory, SiOCAST's technology adapts seamlessly to your needs. If a new type of quick and effective custom manufacturing is ideal for manual and semi-automatic molding lines.

Rigid yet easy to unmold: SiOCAST's rigid molds offer the perfect blend of sturdiness and flexibility. They're robust enough to resist the shock of the manufacturing process. They're also designed for easy demolding, whether for hand-filling or semi-automated processes. Our technology ensures that each chocolate piece emerges flawlessly, ready to delight.

Detail Matters: Rigid Molds vs. Thermoformed and Silicone Molds: Chocolate rigid molds are a superior choice compared to thermoforming and silicone molds due to their unmatched precision, speed, and customization capabilities. Unlike thermoforming, rigid molds retain intricate details flawlessly, ensuring the creation of exquisite chocolate designs. They also outperform silicone molds in terms of production efficiency, allowing for rapid, high-volume manufacturing on semi-automatic molding lines. Additionally, these rigid molds offer cost-effective customization, making them the perfect choice for chocolatiers seeking both speed and precision in crafting chocolate creations.

Explore our Chocobreak case study with De Tinnen Roos and Hertog Jan:

De Tinnen Ross (DTR) in collaboration with Chocobreak and Hertog Jan - crafting chocolate masterpieces with SiOCAST.

In the world of custom chocolate manufacturing, innovation can be the sweetest ingredient. Dive into the success story of De Tinnen Roos (DTR), one of our valued casting service customers, as they partnered with and the renowned Netherlands beer company Hertog Jan to create something truly exceptional.

A sweet collaboration takes shape Hertog Jan had a unique idea – to produce a limited edition of chocolate bars to accompany their premium beer offerings. These chocolate bars were not your average confections; they were designed to complement the distinct flavors of their beers. To bring this vision to life, Chocobreak needed a lot of custom molds that were both intricate and cost-effective. DTR offers a solution for making chocolate rigid mold with SiOCAST technology.

The SiOCAST advantage

Enter SiOCAST - the catalyst that transformed Hertog Jan's vision into reality. De Tinnen Roos (DTR) harnessed the full power of the SiOCAST ecosystem, including our revolutionary mold-making system, compact SiOform1 injection machine, and specially formulated SiOres material.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. In this remarkable case study, we accomplished an impressive feat in production times:

  • 1 day for 3D printing (SLA/DLP/LCD printers)

  • 2 hours for mold creation and vulcanization with the SiOpress

  • An astonishing rate of one chocolate mold produced every 2 minutes with the SiOform 1

At SiOCAST, our innovative technology not only transforms the manufacturing process but also significantly reduces production times, allowing you to bring your creative visions to life with unmatched speed and efficiency.

Speed meets customization

With SiOCAST, DTR was able to manufacture hundreds of custom molds quickly and efficiently. The traditional mold-making process would have been time-consuming and costly, making it impractical for this project. Having dozens of SiOCAST injection molded molds helped the chocolate master Chocobreak (

SiOCAST's unmatched speed and cost-effectiveness allowed DTR to bring Hertog Jan's unique chocolate bars to market in record time.


DTR's collaboration with Chocobreak and Hertog Jan demonstrates how SiOCAST is redefining the possibilities in custom mold manufacturing.

By leveraging the speed, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of the SiOCAST ecosystem, DTR turned an innovative concept into a delectable reality. This success story is a testament to the transformative power of SiOCAST technology in the world of chocolate and beyond.

Discover how SiOCAST can unlock your own creative possibilities and bring your unique concepts to life. Join us in shaping the future of mold manufacturing with SiOCAST.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact Eye-2-Eye.

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