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Investment Casting Solution

SiOCAST for Investment Casting

Welcome to Lost-SiOCAST's revolutionary Investment Casting Solution, where speed, industrialization, and efficiency seamlessly come together.

We've redefined the possibilities in jewelry, industrial parts, and decorative components.

Experience unparalleled velocity, productivity, and an accelerated workflow, all while achieving exceptional production volume.

Revolutionize your casting process and say goodbye to sluggish workflows.

SiOCAST's Investment Casting Solution empowers you to revolutionize your casting process, whether you're crafting intricate jewelry pieces, industrial components, or stunning decorative elements.

New SiOres CAST56

Introducing SiOres CAST56, the latest addition to our SiOres thermoplastic material line-up. This specialized plastic is designed for investment casting applications, offering remarkable flow properties and clean burn-out without residue at temperatures exceeding 600°C.

SiOres CAST56 serves as a highly efficient alternative to traditional wax in investment casting processes.

Plus, it seamlessly integrates with the complete SiOCAST ecosystem, the SiOform1 machine, allowing you to inject 210x270mm big molds with very high rates of production of up to 30 shots per hour or even 60 with the SiOfuse 1 accessory machine.

Quick Workflow

Say goodbye to delays, SIOCAST ensure a quick workflow, allowing you to meet tight project deadlines and keep your clients satisfied. Our technology streamlines every step, from design to production.

Exceptional Production Volume

Experience exceptional production volume with Lost-SIOCAST. Our technology empower you to take on large scale projects with confidence, delivering high quality results.

Thermoplastic Excellence

Discover the advantages of Lost-SIOCAST and SIOres CAST56, our specially formulated thermoplastic. Engineered to replace traditional lost-wax.

Versatile Applications

From crafting exquisite jewelry pieces with intricate details to creating industrial components that meet rigorous specifications, and designing decorative elements that captivate.


Crafting Barcelona's iconic "Panot de Flor" necklace using Lost-SiOCAST.

In the heart of Barcelona, there lies a symbol that transcends time and culture—the "Panot de Flor."

This intricate, floral-patterned tile, designed by the renowned architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch during the Modernisme era, has become an iconic representation of the city itself. Inspired by its beauty and heritage, SiOCAST embarked on a creative journey to showcase the power of investment casting in the jewelry industry.

Model design: 30 minutes

Master Printing time: 12 parts, total 13,5 hours

Mold Manufacturing time: 2 hours

Injection manufacturing: 720 parts / h

STEP 1: 3D Design and master printing

Our journey began with a digital canva in Rhino, where we meticulously recreated the "Panot de Flor" pattern in a 3D design. The details of this emblematic symbol were brought to life virtually. Once our digital masterpiece was complete, we utilized cutting-edge 3D (SLA/DLP/LCD) printing technology to craft a master pattern.

STEP 2: Silicone mold creation

Like every SiOCAST project, we transitioned to the next phase by creating a precision silicone mold with the SiOmold system. This mold would serve as the template for replicating the "Panot de Flor" pattern in multiple castings. The mold was carefully vulcanized with the SiOpress to withstand the high temperatures required for the casting process.

STEP 3: Injection in SiOform 1

With our proprietary SiOres CAST56 resin formulated for investment casting, we achieve a remarkable injection process using the unique SiOform 1, our compact injection molding machine.

This process brings your unique "Panot de Flor" design to life with incredible detail. The SiOform 1 boasts an impressive productivity score of 30 cycles per hour (or 60 cycles per hour when paired with the SiOfuse 1) – ensuring efficiency and speed in your manufacturing workflow. This combination of cutting-edge technology and specially formulated resin is what makes SiOCAST the perfect choice for your jewelry and investment casting needs.

Step 4: Preparation for investment Cast

After the SiOform 1 has successfully injected SiOres CAST56 to create your intricately designed "Panot de Flor" necklace molds, it's time to proceed to post-processing. SiOres CAST56 has been meticulously engineered to facilitate this stage, making it an ideal wax replacement.

In the post-processing phase, the molds undergo investment casting. This step involves the transformation of the resin molds into metal pieces, giving them the strength, durability, and luster you desire. SiOres CAST56 is designed to melt seamlessly in this process, leaving no residue behind.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

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