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   Dental Industry

Diagnostic Displays

Barco’s dental displays combine excellent cleanability and a sleek, smart design with the image quality that Barco is renowned for. It provides dentists with the precision they need to deliver the best in patient care.

Barco's Dental Grade Displays

Barco's full line of color, grayscale and multi-modality diagnostic displays, display controllers and softcopy QA tools facilitate confident diagnoses while guaranteeing perfect image quality over time and across displays...

Coronis Fusion 4MP DL.jpg

Coronis Fusion 4MP


Nio LED front dual MR jpg.jpg

Nio Color 3MP


Nio color 2MP led web jpg.jpg

Nio Color 2MP LED


Nio 3MP LED grayscale jpg (1).jpg

Coronis 3MP LED


Nio dental 2MP MDNC-2123 front onwhite j

Coronis 2MP


Clinical Displays

With it's Eonis display, Barco makes the excellent image quality it is renowned for available to healthcare specialists around the hospital. Optimized for image-enable EMR, these displays provide medical professionals with a solid basis for confident viewing of clinical images and patient information. The Eonis line is available in a black and white version, with the latter offering a fully cleanable design for infection control. 

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