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SD/USB Duplicators

Flash cards have become an increasingly popular medium for content distribution across various electronic or computing devices.  Eye2Eye's SD/USB Duplicator is a standalone, high-speed and highly-efficient product that allows you to quickly and easily make copies of flash cards.

Eye2Eye offers a wide range of professional Flash Duplicators that duplicate USB, SD, MicroSD and CF with a speed of up to 1.5 GB per minute per port. These duplicators can support up to hundreds of ports for simple mass duplication. This duplicator not only duplicates but also has powerful flash device diagnostic tools to detect flash quality, check the real capacity and speed, and even format the device.

   Key features:

  • Unrivalled compatibility with USB stick or SD/microSD cards of all brand-sand capacities

  • High speed copying up to 1.5GB per min per port

  • Supports copy of media in all file system formats regardless of capacity

  • Each port works independently regardless of the number of ports in operation

  • Guarantees correctness through bit-for-bit comparison

  • Comprehensive diagnostic tools to check capacity, speed and quality of cards

  • Professional production analysis and report tools available in Golden series


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