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Microtek - Medi-5000 - Mammography Digitizers

Hi-Speed Digitizer for X-Ray & Mammography Films in 21 seconds

The Medi-5000, can digitize X-Ray and mammography films rapidly in seconds.

With the advanced technology of the LED light source, the Medi-5000 can reach full brightness and on/off operation immediately.

The energy-saving Medi-5000 is perfect for fast-paced environment of the medical doctor's office, QC Station and PACS.

It captures details in bright and dark areas at a high optical resolution up to 3200 dpi, 4.5 Dmax, and 16-bit grayscale.

Furthermore, the digitized mammography films can be easily read and utilized in the optional MiPAX gateway software to be integrated with PACS RIS/ system.

It provides the medical professionals a smart and easy way to digitize and observe the traditional mammography films easily and efficiently.

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