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INTAMSYS Introduces 3D Model Slicing Software

INTAMSUITE is INTAMSYS’ free of use and user friendly 3D model slicing software. While it is based from an open source (Cura), our engineering team optimized it to allow our customers to reach the best slicing experience with our 3D printers. Our focus is quality, and at INTAMSYS, we understand the crucial step of a good CAD file preparation before printing. Thanks to the ease of use, ones with little knowledge on 3D Printing can achieve great industrial and professional print results on our printers.

Discover a smooth and efficient way of preparing your file by downloading INTAMSUITE today.

  • User-friendly 3D model slicing software

  • Remote printing

  • Strictly verified material printing parameters/profile (Click and Print)


  1. Remote printing (LAN) for FUNMAT PRO 410/PROP 610HT

  2. Align face to build plate, find the best orientation more easily

  3. Custom support

  4. Per model settings

  5. Wipe nozzle after several layers for a better surface quality outcome

  6. Merge small segments (segments angle < than 3 degree, will be merged as single segment)

  7. Skin Overlap Control (Top and Bottom separately)

  8. New INTAM™Materials printing setting added: PA12-CF (FUNMAT HT/PRO 410/ PRO610HT) PC-ABS (FUNMAT PRO 410) SP3050 (FUNMAT PRO 410/PRO 610HT)

  9. 0.6mm/0.8mm Nozzle settings to improve efficiency

  10. Accurate Estimation – print time

  11. Bug fixes

To download the file:

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