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HDD/SSD Duplicators

Eye2Eye offers an economical and powerful hard drive duplicator that makes HDD/SSD duplication fast and easy. There is no computer or additional software required. The three copy modes (Only Data, All Partition and Whole HDD) can satisfy various needs of duplication.


"Only Data" copy mode is fast-copy mode to copy only data area instead of copying entire source HDD/SSD, it can greatly save elapsed time. NTFS, Linux (EXT2/EXT3/EXT4), FAT16/32 sources can all be supported with the Quick Copy mode. The smart, easy and replaceable SATA interface module can greatly enhance copy efficiency.


  • High copying speed that support up to 6.5 GB/m

  • Support 2.5" and 3.5" SATA HDD, and SSD

  • Supports 3 different duplicating modes: Quick copy, All partitions, and Whole HDD / SSD

  • Supports the erase function of DoD standard

  • Supports different HDD  capacities for duplication

  • Supports various format of HDD

  • Auto detects and shows the quantity of bad sectors

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