VIDAR Systems Corporation is the world's leading provider of high-quality medical film digitizers for a variety of applications, including PACS, mammography CAD, teleradiology, oncology, and orthopedic surgery. VIDAR is the worldwide film digitizer leader because: 

  • Products are clinically proven to be high quality and reliable

  • Products significantly improve productivity workflow

  • Products are cost effective, light weight, and require little space

  • Products are offered by over 100 worldwide solutions providers

  • Products are backed by world-class customer support

The company's singular corporate focus on film digitizers over the past 20 years has allowed it to pioneer a series of product innovations that have dramatically changed the field. It is no surprise, then, that radiology and CAD systems solution providers have long looked to VIDAR for film digitizers that deliver clinically proven image quality, the highest reliability in the industry, and unmatched value.

VIDAR's DiagnosticPRO® Advantage film digitizer has achieved the highest reliability, image quality, consistency, and best overall productivity of any digitizer on the market.


In addition to typical PACS applications, the DiagnosticPRO Advantage offers flexibility – it can be used in facilities that now or in the future will support digitization of mammography priors.

 If you have a file room supporting PACS and low-volume mammography applications, the 44-micron spot size and 4.0 OD DiagnosticPRO Advantage will be key in the digital transition.

VIDAR's DiagnosticPRO® Edge film digitizer takes the highest reliability, image quality and consistency of any digitizer on the market to the next level of performance. At double the scanning speed it allows for more studies in half the time.


   Customer Benefits:

  • Takes the industry standard in digitizing to a new level of performance

  • Doubles the scanning speed for more studies in half the time

  • All-in-one flexibility; Dual use mammography and general radiology

  • Delivers exceptional image quality and consistency

  • World-class reliability, service and support

ClinicalExpress DICOM Software

If you need to access prior studies, access studies from outside facilities, connect a remote site, or make digital copies of films for the patient to take to another facility, VIDAR's ClinicalExpress for general radiography and mammography is the solution for you.

ClinicalExpress is designed for ease of operation and was developed specifically for use with the world's leading line of film digitizers — VIDAR's DiagnosticPRO Advantage, CAD PRO Advantage,and SIERRA Advantage.


This software complies with the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) 3.0 standard to digitize relevant prior films and send the images to DICOM PACS or workstations; and allows you to easily connect outlying clinics, departments, film libraries, or your reading or treatment facilities.


Alternatively, a user-friendly film digitizing station can be used to digitize film-based prior studies, including mammography. The DICOM image files can then be sent to PACS, exported to CD, or used to print hard copy duplicates without the need for film-processing chemicals. 

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