The world’s first industrial AM solution for creating vibrant,  full-color functional parts with minimal post-processing.

   XRIZE 3D Printing System:

  • Industrial Material Extrusion System

  • Carbon and Color

  • Industrial Material Jetting System for Release and Full-Color CMYK Inks

  • Heated Build Chamber

  • Hot Swap




Rizium Carbon

RIZIUM™ CARBON is based on an engineering-grade thermoplastic, reinforced with carbon fiber for a higher modulus and incredible visual finish. RIZIUM CARBON is ideal for applications such as functional prototyping for manufacturing.


Indelible inks in vivid colors enhance communication of branding, imagery and data on physical models produced with the XRIZE 3D printer. Using RIZE ONE or XRIZE, text and graphics can be applied to any surface for adding part numbers, operating instructions and safety warnings. A part digitally augmented with data, such as a QR code, builds trust and traceability into the additive manufacturing process

Rizium One and Rizium Black

Our own compound of engineering-grade thermoplastic, parts made with RIZIUM™ One and RIZIUM™ BLACK have an interlayer bond superior to 3D printed polycarbonate, carbon-fiber reinforced nylon, and ABSPlus. Moisture absorption less than .01% enhances stability and simplifies storage and handling.

The                        One

The                       One

Rize One is the first inclusive 3D printer that combines two discrete technologies into the patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) process, sustainably delivering the highest isotropic strength, safety, security and speed, all for the industry's lowest price.


Rizium One​

A compound of engineering- and medical-grade thermoplastic, delivering watertight, isotropic parts stronger than polycarbonate (PC), carbon fiber- and nylon-reinforced parts and twice as strong as ABSplus. Parts made with Rizium One have a high HDT and can be sterilized. They also possess high chemical resistance, including alcohol, acetone and acid.

Release One​

Jetted between the part and its support structure, Release One is a repelling ink that releases the bond between the part and the support structure, making support removal faster and safer than any other 3D printing process.

Marking Ink

Enables 3D printed text and images on parts.

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