With over 150 years of combined experience in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing space, the Management team behind Raplas have a wealth of knowledge and unique insight into the needs of manufacturing in the era of i4.0

Through experience within a number of the industries’ established brands and the understanding of market demand a plan was formed – Create a solution to the current and future needs of the market without the restriction and entrenched attitude of those companies. Once the wheels started turning the product conceived was soon introduced to a select few Beta customers.

Harnessing the power of the latest generation of in house developed Laser units and combining unsurpassed platforms for stability and long term reliability from around the globe Raplas were able to deliver a high speed large format SLA platform at a fraction of the cost of systems from the established brands.



raplas 3 d printer.jpg
  • Rigid Frame Construction with aesthetic design, large easy access doors, integrated touchscreen operation.

  • Granite Build System with enclosed axis modules for excellent repeatability, accuracy and thermal stability.

  • Industry Leading Dynamic 3 Axis Scanning System for accuracy, speed, stability and optimum productivity.

  • HD+ Resolution across the whole build area (0.0008mm) produce accurate small parts anywhere on the platform.

  • Stainless Steel Build Area & Covers lift-off for easy access and cleaning.

  • RAPLAS RPL 1W 100kHz Dynamic Air-cooled Laser for high productivity and low running costs.

  • Interchangeable Vat System option available with various vat size options.

Vac Casting


We can always offer the right solution for all applications and technologies in vacuum casting: starting from V 400 size ideal for educational application or small parts, covering most popular size V 1000 and not really ending with V 2000 XXL for extraordinarily big challenging projects as there is no limit in size for us.

In between, there are also standard solutions and of course we can comply with your specific requirements regarding size and special features.

Due to our modular system, our chambers can be adapted and acquire additional benefits even later in their life cycle.


As a standard application you can produce prototypes and functional parts using silicone moulds easily, quickly and on a low cost basis – ideal for R & D projects, product design and manufacturing of small series.

As there is a large choice of different kind of PU ca- sting resin material on the market, any existing plastic material can be simulated perfectly, even flexible and absolutely clear transparent material. For investment casting and jewellery industry it is also possible to make wax parts in our different wax casting systems. Epoxy resins for Rapid Tooling moulds, silicones and other kind of material with high viscosity can also be processed in our machines using difference pressure modules.

Thus, our additional modules and options enable you to offer more flexible capacity, larger choice of material and making of larger parts if required – extension chambers and bigger or multiple casting systems help to make the real big parts.