Manufacturing and Design Software

Netfabb® additive manufacturing software has tools that help streamline your additive workflow and quickly get from a 3D model to successfully printed parts.

Which Netfabb product is right for you?


  • Import 3D file formats including STL and 3MF plus files from leading CAD software

  • Prepare and modify parts for manufacture

  • Automate file analysis and repair


  • Advanced build supports

  • Automatic packing (3D)

  • Generate complex lattice structures

  • Prepare parts for postprocessing

  • Cloud-based metal process simulation


  • Automation with Lua scripting

  • Advanced toolpathing

  • Additional lattice functionality

  • Cloud and limited local simulation

  • Includes a subscription to Fusion 360

        with generative design technology



Netfabb metal additive process simulation is available through a local solver with the Netfabb Simulation product or through cloud-based simulation with Netfabb Premium or Netfabb Ultimate. Cloud-based simulation uses cloud credits.

Expert high-speed and 5-axis machining software


PowerMill® enable easier 3- and 5-axis programming, simulation, and verification, so manufacturers can get more from their subtractive, additive, and hybrid machines.

High-speed Machining

Expert performance 

Rapid calculation of toolpaths for large or complex parts. Machine surfaces, solids, or meshes.

Comprehensive finishing

Access a vast library of toolpaths. Improve surface finish, while minimizing manual polishing. 

High-speed roughing

Cut parts faster with high-efficiency roughing. Prolong tool life and reduce maintenance costs.

Toolpath optimization

Make global or localized edits to your toolpaths without the need for lengthy recalculations.

5-axis programming and multi-axis machining

Efficient 3+2 programming

Machine difficult-to-reach features with fewer setups, shorter tools, and more aggressive feeds and speeds.

5-axis machining

Go beyond 3+2 with continuous 5-axis machining. Machine the most challenging parts more safely and efficiently.

Expert 5-axis control

Make global or localized edits to 5-axis tool paths for improved machine motion and shorter cycle times.

Auto tool tilting

Simplify the process of creating collision-free 5-axis tool paths with automatci tool axis tilting


Measure complex 3D shapes, with greater quality control. PowerInspect® 2019 software supports CNC CMMs (coordinate measuring machines), portable inspection devices, and other kinds of inspection hardware.

Multi-device 3D measurement software

Automated inspection

PowerInspect Ultimate supports automated inspection devices such as CNC/DCC CMMs and machine tool probing.

Non-contact inspection

PowerInspect supports multiple laser scanning devices, including common laser-arm combinations.

Support for multi-devices

Use measuring equipment—including CNC CMMs and others—from a range of hardware providers.

Manufacturing integration

Optimize your manufacturing with adaptive fixturing, OMV, electrode inspection, and clay milling.

Manual inspection

Use one interface for all of your portable inspection devices, including manual CMMs and many more.

Start designing with a 3D  model

Get started with Fusion 360 and experience the power of cloud-based 3D CAD. Follow the 5-minute tutorial to discover how easily you can customize it.

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