PacsSCAN™ lets you scan documents, create electronic forms and import JPEG/AVI/MPEG and DICOM CDs/DVDs from any department to any PACS/EHR. You can convert and send Word files, PDFs, reports, emails and other images with the PacsSCAN Virtual Printer (Print2PACS), a printer selection that appears within your Windows application.

Eliminating paper, improving workflow and providing easy access to important clinical documentation such as tech notes, screening forms and order information is important for any hospitals and clinics. In PACS, viewing documents, electronic forms and clinical images along with patient studies is at the point of care.


Features & Benefits:

  • Simple user interface - no training required

  • PacsSCAN Virtual Printer

  • Scan and send documents to PACS/EHR using TWAIN compliant scanners.

  • Interfaces to RIS worklist or DICOM Archive to provide automatic loading of patient demographics.

  • Direct import of multimedia formats including JPEG, bitmap, TIFF, PNG, AVI/MPEG and DICOM CD/DVD



A suite of image acquisition and

connectivity tools that allow you

to integrate all content

types with the EPR or PACS

PACSgear connectivity solutions make it easy to capture, integrate and share vital documents and media with your team. Our innovative technologies enable you to access data, film, video, visible light and other media across any department and from any EPR/PACS.

Our PACSgear connectivity solutions enable you to quickly and easily share information from any department to any EPR/PACS. Healthcare personnel in specialties such as radiology, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, orthopedics and pathology can connect, view and share images and results to enable health information exchange.

With PACSgear, your team can:

  • Capture, view and share medical images and results across the enterprise

  • Easily scan documents and create electronic forms from any department to any EPR/PACS

  • Quickly import and localise images (JPEG/AVI/MPEG) and DICOM CDs/DVDs

  • Connect images and video across OR/Surgery, speech pathology, wound care, dermatology, ED and more

  • Record DICOM compatible media for importing into PACS, referral or legal purposes or patient copy

  • Provide order and worklist information for non-scheduled departments





Manage medical images on the move Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have become common instruments in the modern-day medical bag. Clinicians use these devices not only to gain anytime, anywhere access to email, electronic health records (EHRs) and other systems, but these tools also provide a convenient way for physicians and nurses to capture wound photos and video at the point of care to support patient diagnosis and treatment.


This information is valuable, but it needs to be controlled. All too often medical facilities struggle to effectively send patient images, photos, video and other data objects acquired through mobile technology to a PACS, vendor neutral archive (VNA) or other systems for long term storage.



Hyland Healthcare PACS Scan Mobile

The result is vital information is not communicated across the continuum of care, causing significant gaps in patient records. This easy-to-use app downloads in minutes to any iOS device. With PACS Scan Mobile, you can automatically transmit information captured on a mobile device to a central Core Server. From there, patient information is securely sent to a PACS, VNA or EHR. PACS Scan Mobile works with any vendor’s PACS, VNA or EHR. You can add it to your IT infrastructure today and be up and running tomorrow. 

PACSgear Video Touch 4K


New addition to PACSgear MDR-Video Touch family easily captures images and video from visible light modalities and integrates them with enterprise systems.

Video Touch 4k allows clinicians to capture videos and images from visible light modalities, easily associate them with the correct patient record and archive them with consistency, regardless of the department or source. Using industry standards such as DICOM, XDS and HL7, PACSgear Video Touch 4K connects video and images to a picture archival communication system (PACS), vendor neutral archive (VNA), Cross-enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) repository, EMR or OnBase, Hyland’s content services solution.


The updated Video Touch 4k product also features:

  • The capture of 4K video and a larger, integrated touch screen

        for easier in-place viewing

  • A new VESA mount allows it to be mounted to a swing arm

  • Reviewing and editing at the point-of-care

  • Small footprint

  • Lights-out management

  • Multiple video inputs

  • Supports modality worklist or on-screen keyboard for 

        patient data entry

This is the latest in Hyland Healthcare’s enterprise-first imaging solutions, in keeping with the company’s mission to help healthcare organizations easily capture, manage, secure, share and view medical images across the entire enterprise, empowering clinicians to see their whole patient.

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