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CD/DVD/Blu-ray Manual Duplicator

The real high-speed 1-8, 1-12 CD/DVD/Blu-ray

Eye2Eye Duplicator is one of the smartest solutions today which allows you to copy hundreds of discs within  a few minutes by one source disc and one touch to copy. With special "Asynchronous" technology, there is no worry of interruption during copying.

   Key features:

  • Independent 9, 13 SATA port can really achieve high speed 1-8, 1-12 CD/DVD/Blu-ray duplication

  • Support high speed 52X CD, 20X DVD, 8X Blu-ray burning

  • HDD install (optional)

  • Advanced separate analogue and digital control board design prevent signal interference, enhance control board's power supply and stability

  • Standalone, no PC or installation required

  • High speed DDR2, SDRAM

  • Auto load and copy technology

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