FARO® Scanner Freestyle Objects

Best solution for medium volume scanning


Featuring a mid-range measurement volume, the Freestyle3D Objects is easier to use than narrow field of view scanners that have high detail but are difficult to handle as the tracking is easily lost, yet provides more detail and precision than large volume hand held scanners.

The balanced approach of detail and ease of use makes the Freestyle3D Objects ideally suited for a number of challenging measurement applications like reverse engineering for product design and crime/crash scene investigation in public safety forensics.

With a scan range of 0.3 to 0.8 meter, FARO Freestyle3D Objects is optimized for scanning mid-sized components and items in almost every industry. Whether the goal is to capture industrial pump and wind generation components, molded plastic items or documenting the inside of a vehicle as part of an investigation, FARO Freestyle3D Objects scans the needed geometry into a high resolution color point cloud. Once the object has been measured, the user gets data prepared in SCENE Process 6.1, offering a large scale meshing tool or can export the data into many end user applications.

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