Direct Metal Printing uses additive manufacturing technology.  In the machine, a high-precision laser is directed to metal powder particles in order to selectively build up thin subsequent horizontal metal layers. The metal powder particles pinpointed by the laser quickly and fully melt so that the new material properly attaches to the previous layer without glue or binder liquid. 

​      3D Printing

  • Direct Metal Printing


  • Direct Ceramic Printing






  • Typical materials used are stainless steel, aluminum,

        titanium and cobalt chrome

  • For applications in aerospace and medical orthopedics

  • DMP is used to create parts with complex geometries and               

  • thin-walled structures with hidden channels or voids


 Printing high quality metal materials

The new ADMETALFLEX delivers metal printed components with  high-quality material  properties and, compared to industry standards, low-surface roughness values, fine features and no residual stresses.


The operating principles originate from a DLP, filled photosensitive resin, combined with debinding and sintering.


Print components formerly manufactured trough traditional shaping technologies as CNC machining or Metal Injection Moulding (MIM).

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