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Hi-Speed Dental Digitizers



Microtek's dental digitizers can digitize your dental X-Ray films rapidly in seconds. 

With advanced technology of LED light source, the digitizers (e.g. Medi-2200

Plus) can reach full brightness and on/off operation immediately.

The energy-saving digitizers are perfect for fast-paced environment of the

dentist's office, QC Station, and PACS.


The dental digitizers can easily transfer all kinds of dental films into digital

format for easier management in a long term of time.

On the cover, the Smart-Scan buttons provide a quick and easy way to start the scanning process without requiring any efforts to go through the software interface.

Medi-2200 PLUS

Microtek_International_Inc._logo (1).png

Also, using the templates together with the Auto-Crop function offered by the specially designed software, the dental digitizers can quickly perform scanning, cropping, and saving images for multi-films at a time.


The dental digitizers ensures that your scans will capture all the details presenting in light and darkness areas, offering the clinically proven image quality to the medical professionals.



In addition, through the MiPAX gateway software, the digitized dental films by the dental digitizers can be easily and quickly integrated with the PACS system, allowing dentists and patients to check the therapy conditions simultaneously.


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