Nasopharyngeal Swab (NPS)



COVID-19 Testing - For Immediate Detection


Due to the swab shortage that was limiting COVID-19 testing Eye-2-Eye co-designed a 3D printed swab for fast detection.

Eye-2-Eye's 3D printed swabs for clinicians and patients.

NP swabs are flexible sticks with a bristled end that are inserted into the nose to the back of the

nasal cavity and swept around to collect material that sticks to or wicks up the bristles.


The swab is then placed into a vial that contains a culture medium.

Breakpoint length is approx. 92mm from the tip of the swab, which allows the stick to be broken to the correct length so that the vial can be capped before it is transported to a laboratory for testing.

0 mm

20 mm tip

55 mm neck

25 mm to breakpoint

55 mm handle

150 mm

  • Designed specifically for nasopharyngeal collection with 55mm flexible neck


  • Hollow mesh structure maximises collection effectiveness while providing flexibility for the patients comfort​​

  • Non-fibrous tip results in excellent specimen elution


  • Convenient breakpoint that can be customised to fit your collection vial


Surgial Guide Resin is non-cytotoxic, not a sensitizer, non-irriating, and complies and is manufactured

in an ISO 13485 facility.


Tip Effective Length      17.6mm

Break Pont From Tip     91.9mm

Tip Diameter                    3.2mm


Neck Diameter                1.15mm

Shaft Diameter               2.4  mm

Break Point Diameter    1.4  mm

Break Point Length        0.7  mm

Overall Length              150   mm

Swab Packaging

Individually Wrapped - currently 75mm x 200mm – clear plastic showing the swab.

100 individual swabs per box.

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