Nasopharyngeal Swab


Head Design - Hollow mesh structure to maximise collection and effectiveness.

Long Flexible Neck – Long thin flexible design ensures ease of  use and patient


Break Point – Current breakpoint has been designed for 10cm test tubes

                           but this can be customized as needed.

Eye-2-Eye’s Nasopharyngeal Swab was co-developed in Singapore for fast and effective collection of nasopharyngeal specimens for COVID 19 testing and has the following key features:

green swab.png

0 mm


The Swab was designed with leading Institutions and Healthcare Providers in Singapore

and has been validated for effectiveness both in the Laboratory through PCR testing,

as well as in the field through a Clinical Trial.



The Swabs are sold in individual sterilized pouches using an ISO validated EO gas sterilization process. This is a standard sterilization process used to sterilize a wide variety of healthcare products.
The sterile packaging ensures that users do not need to take on their own sterilization processes.




75mm x 200mm* – Clear on one side with a label at the back.
Pouches come in “shelf boxes” which contain 100 pieces in each box.
A carton box contains 8 “shelf boxes” for a total of 800 pieces per carton.


Tip Effective Length      17.6mm

Break Pont From Tip     91.9mm




*please check exact packaging for pouch dimensions at time of order
Reference Number for ordering: SWG.1.0

Individually Packaged in Pouches:




Neck Diameter       1.15mm

Shaft Diameter      2.4  mm


Break Point Diameter    1.4  mm

Break Point Length        0.7  mm

Tip Diameter            3.2mm

Overall Length        150 mm

92 mm to


150 mm

The Swab is made from Bio Compatible resin which is non cytotoxic, not a sensitizer and 

is non-irritant. The high quality swab is manufactured in an ISO 13485 facility, in a clean

room with 100% inspection and quality controls tailored to meet the requirements of

Additive Manufacturing.

The material used in the manufacture of this Swab is the same material as used in the 
USA for the Northwell and USF designed and manufactured Swabs by Formlabs Inc.


The biocompatible material has CE, FDA and Singapore approvals.

The Swab is a Singapore Class A sterile device.