We provide a software helping you to understand lung disease deeper and develop solutions for serious lung disease such as lung cancer, COPD, ILD.

It is a precise and in-depth image analysis system that enables personalized care for each patient.

By raising the level of diagnosis, we contribute to a healthy future dreamed by mankind.

AVIEW COPD™ is software, for quantitative image biomarker of COPD using chest CT images.

It provides various quantitative analysis reports, such as LAA/ LAA size analysis, air-trapping analysis, airway measurement and lung vessel analysis, through easy-to-use automatic pre-processing steps.


Easy workflow minimizes user interaction during lung/lobe segmentation, airway segmentation and, elastic inspiration/expiration registration.

Fast, high-quality 3D rendering gives you more comprehensive analysis results. Analyzed results are stored in MS Excel compatible (CSV) form for your further research.


AVIEW Modeler™

AVIEW Modeler™ is a 3D modeling software for 3D printing.

It is a powerful software which provides 2D segmentation, 3D segmentation with various convenient functions.

Both multi-volume rendering and OTF control give you more specific & accurate separation.


Generated results can be stored as STL file type for manipulation or 3D printing.

AVIEW Research™

AVIEW Research™ is software for medical research data management.

DICOM data & Non-DICOM data search as pdf, word, image… etc can be managed with AVIEW Research™.

You can manage your research data efficiently with AVIEW Research™.

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