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The new ADMETALFLEX delivers metal printed components with  high-quality material  properties and, compared to industry standards, low-surface roughness values, fine features and no residual stresses.


The operating principles originate from a DLP, filled photosensitive resin, combined with debinding and sintering.


Print components formerly manufactured trough traditional shaping technologies as CNC machining or Metal Injection Moulding (MIM).

 Printing high quality metal materials

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Next to the 3D printing systems the material composition plays an equal or even more important role in the ADMAFLEX technology.



We were able to qualify a strong base material recipe that gives the product solid green properties. Secondly the solid load of the powder within the liquid recipe is high ensuring industry accepted shrinkage rates of debinding and sintering.


The ADMAFLEX technology for metals even advances more. AdmaPrint for metal overcomes the saddling problem of higher density materials.


Secondly AdmaPrint for metals overcome the light absorbing challenges of darker powders.

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