Affordable digital manufacturing, it's something Asiga invented.

MAX 3D Printer series

Repeatable precision, SPS technology + speed...


Our highest definition 3D printer


Minimum footprint, maximum productivity.  

PRO 3D Printers series


The PRO 4K utilizes the latest DLP imaging technology

to achieve the largest print envelope in our range.


CNC Machined Calibration Assembly

For system rigidity, repeatable performance and unmatched system build quality.

Touch Screen Display

A simple user interface controlled via a touch screen display or remotely via a web interface.

High Power LED

385nm UV or 405nm available. 385nm UV for printing water-clear materials

Large HD Print Envelope

For volume throughput with high-speed print options.

Industry Proven Performance

Precision, reliability and speed for the most demanding production applications.

The Latest DLP Imaging Technology

Coupled with custom engineered optics for precision pixel placement.

Super Fast Print Mode Available

Volume production in minimal time.

Proprietary Layering Processes

Repeatable precision with Asiga's proven Process Monitoring

Technologies - SPS, Internal Radiometer, precise material curing.

Material World

High Performance Materials

Simple touch screen user interface and multiple connection options for seamless integration into your digital workflow

Asiga manufactures a broad range of photopolymer resins for digital dentistry, jewelry and digital manufacturing.

Open Material System

All Asiga printers are 100% open so you can print any suitable material from any supplier for the ultimate in flexibility and economy.


Color: Almond


  • Dental models

  • Models with removable dies

  • Models with forming aligners

Printer compatibility:

LCD printers


Color: Clear


  • Splints

  • Surgical guides

  • Custom impression trays


Printer compatibility: LCD printers


Color : Pink

Applications :

  • Denture base


Printer compatibility :

LCD printers


Color : Available in A1, A2, A3

Applications :

  • Temporaries

  • Crown and bridge


Printer compatibility :

LCD printers


Color : Pink / Clear


Applications :

  • Indirect bonding trays

  • Gingiva


Printer compatibility :

LCD printers

* Color change material


Color : Turquoise

Applications :

  • Partial frameworks

  • C&B pressing / casting


Printer compatibility :

LCD printers

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