Freedom & Functionality Ceramic 3D Printer

Admaflex 130

Discover the possibilities of precision printing with a ceramic 3D printer that delivers accurate, fine featured, fully dense parts for high tech applications. With an open architecture, layer-to-layer control and high throughput times the Admaflex 130 is your ultimate ceramic 3D printer.

The Admaflex 130 is suited for precision printing of fully dense (>99%) technical ceramic components. Currently, Alumina, Zirconia and Fused Silica are available to be 3D printed.

With the capability to easily upscale without any tooling involved, and the flexibility to change on the go in terms of size, material and geometry the Admaflex 130 enables production of one piece up to large scale batches.

The Admaflex 130’s integrated DLP light engine allows for large surface printing while maintaining precision and resolution, to produce even the smallest sized features in full detail.

The printer’s doctor blade supplies a very thin layer (50 – 150μ) of resin filled with submicron ceramic particles. The combination of fine powder, thin layers and the final sintering step results in very low surface roughness of the 3D printed parts.

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